2017 -
ARLISS/XPRS: September 11-14 
XPRS: September 15-17

Note: Daily Waiver has changed to 30,000ft AGL with a two hour 146,000ft AGL window on Saturday morning from 9:00am to 11:00am

Monday the 11th  through Thursday the 14th - AeroPac sets up and  holds our annual  ARLISS launch.  XPRS Projects may fly, but you will need to coordinate your launch with the ARLISS ground crew. That really shouldn't impede your project unless you need our launch gear and if so, you'll have to wait for an available pad (rarely is that a problem).

Friday through Sunday are for XPRS competitions and indvidual flights.

Do you fly a DRONE?

Check out AeroPac's policy on flying them at our launches.


Special note: AeroPac's and California Space Authority's Virtual Classroom will be providing satellite Internet service, radio base station support for Beeline and GPS Flight systems and web casting of  the entire launch from that point on.

For those of you planning to fly over 30,000' please read this.


Night Launch


Daily Raffle

Local Lodging

Night launches Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights - From 8:00 to 11:00 pm
- J impulse maximum without advance notice
Rocket must have a light source on all separable rocket parts with a strobing light visible from 100 feet.
- 12,000 feet MSL is the maximum altitude for this event.

Huge Daily Raffle Scads of astounding prizes will be raffled each contest day. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Local Lodging and other accommodations